Hope Loss enCourage

Author Ann Collins uses her viral campaign slogan, “I won’t steal, and I can count” and her two years of campaign experiences in her book Hope Loss enCourage, to illustrate how she turned what seemed to be a major loss into her biggest internal victory! Her book has practices as well as methods about progressing in life, even when you don’t think you have the strength. Ann’s first book is a testament to her courage as she reveals how she managed to change her course of life, one step at a time. In sharing her knowledge, Ann learnt that even through hardships, we all have the ability to find a little ray of light and hope.

Hope Loss enCourage is a roadmap for anyone seeking to find their subconscious winner. Endorsed by Peggy McColl, Ann found encouragement to write her first book when she met Bob Proctor. The seed of her writing started from journaling and manifested itself into a book, with practices and messages to live a winning life.


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Early in this book, the author shared the reason why she wrote this book ... is to help the average person survive loss. Ann Collins has effectively accomplished her purpose and she has an extraordinary talent for inspiring and encouraging others. Highly recommended.
Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author
Manifestation Mentor
“Where would you be now if you hadn’t taken a risk and put yourself out there?” Ann asks this question and more. This question resonates with me as I know I can answer for myself. I'd be sitting at a desk in a job I thought I was supposed to do, but not enjoying life. Instead, I'm enjoying life, enjoying work and getting to meet folks like Ann! All of this because my wife & I took a risk. Through this great read, Ann brings real-life experience as she gives answers to the question, we all ask following a life failure...."what now"?
Kevin and Sarah Cherry
Publishers of Hoosier Neighbors Magazine
"With every painful loss there is a potential gain, but only if the opportunity is appreciated.  Ann Collins not only recognizes the gains, but embraces every negative and what many would view as failures, as growth opportunities. After receiving national attention for her remarkably creative and humorous campaign for country treasurer, Ann was stunned and devastated when she didn't win the race. Only momentarily though. Because the way Ann views the world can best be summed up as “sometimes you win and sometimes you learn and grow; and that is the ultimate win.”
Cindy Bickelman
Former college admissions personnel; consultant, co-founder and Executive Vice President of Marketing and Recruitment for Medtech College.
"Ann Collins vulnerably shares her thoughts and feelings after her nationally-acclaimed campaign for county treasurer ended in loss. Her search for everyday victories amid life’s challenges will compel you to do the same.”
Restoration Road Dr. Mitch Kruse, author of Restoration Road and Street Smarts from Proverbs, host of The with Mitch Kruse 
"Ann is a personal friend, supporter and advocate of mine. As a minister, many times I have felt burnt out by ministry. However, after every phone call or visit with Ann, I am motivated by her positive attitude. Ann has a keen perspective of failure and loss and through her experiences she encourages me to press on toward my goals in ministry and in life."
Mr. Curtis Payton II, Pastoral Intern at Friend of Sinners Church, Milwaukee, WI, 1st Lieutenant, Chaplain Candidate for the United States Army Reserve
A true, humblinot to worry about failure because success is right around the corner. Ann Collins demonstrates the positivity to keep trying because her dreams will ultimately win. She finds something positive in every seeming negative. I especially love Ann’s comment, “if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!” A lot of little wins equals a big win.ng account of falling down, getting up and dusting yourself off. This book encourages one
Kenny Garman – Partner in Premier Auction Group. A Classic Car Auction Company, Fuquay Varina, NC
“I had the pleasure of meeting Ann a few years ago during her campaign. She, along with a wonderful group of volunteers, participated in a fundraising event for our agency. As I eagerly read through the pages of her book, I was taken not only by her vulnerability, but also her positive view of every situation. This made me take a second look at how I see challenges and aspire to be more like Ann in my responses!”
Danell Witmer, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Central Indiana
"Ann has turned her campaign into an inspiration for those who give their all, do all the right things, and still don’t get the win. Too often, when people who have a goal-setting, positive mind-set, don’t meet a goal, they believe they’ve failed and aren't worthy. This book shows us how to re-evaluate any loss and see it as a win. Anyone running for office, looking for a promotion, or pushing yourself past your normal boundaries needs to read this book! Hopefully your goals will be met, but if not, the exercises in this book will help you reset and keep your focus!"
Monroe County Republican Party of Indiana