Solutions over Sides

Ann Payton

Solutions Over Sides empowers girls and women in difficult and desperate times. The wisdoms and exercises you will learn will empower you to overcome and lead you throughout your entire life. This book includes my story of having an abortion, rape, drug use and depression. It also includes stories from others on adoption, domestic violence, saving their baby, no place to go, and more. Life has its struggles, but stories like these can bring you to your knees in desperation.


Are you going through this now?


Did you go through this in the past and still need help?


Are you a mom or grandma that wants to teach your girls these wisdoms now?

Why will this book help? Each person that contributed their story, used the same wisdoms in this book to overcome and heal from a desperate situation. Why did I write it? When it happened to me, I was alone and scared and didn’t know how to help myself. I needed a friend or mentor but didn’t have one. If I can’t be there by your side, then this book is a way to get you started on the journey of healing and honoring yourself.

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