The Author in You - Module 3

In this module, Author Ann Collins will invite you into her wealth of networks to begin to introduce you to a variety of like-minded people.  Here, you will find that Author Ann Collins has the road map towards helping you get published.  In this module you must have your writing work completed in order to move towards getting your book in the hands of Author Ann Collins’ publisher in phase 3.


This course will provide you with:

This course will provide you with: One -on -one time with Author Ann Collins to evaluate your book and story. 

She will be offering the following services and mentorship:


  • 6 Zoom Calls where Ann Collins will create an accountability timeline for each session.
  • Invitation to Author Ann Collins’ exclusive and private Facebook Group.
  • FREE PDF Copy of Hope, Loss, Encourage.
  • 2 webinars per month with collaborators and Author Ann Collins’ private network.
  • In-depth analysis worksheet to find the right categories.
  • One-on-one time with a best-selling author is the doorway to where you will see yourself as an author.

Phase 1 & 2:


Submit your worksheets and your writing.

  • Create a weekly plan for one -on -one sessions and accountability.
  • Think about endorsers and how you can reach a wider global audience.
  • Submit a plan of your goals towards meeting Author Ann Collins’ publisher.

In this module, Author Ann Collins will open the doorway to YOU, the author, meeting her publisher.  The writer must have some semblance of a manuscript to proceed to phase 3.

Phase 3:

“Meet Author Ann Collins’ Publisher”

Once the author has some writing, Author Ann Collins will set up a meeting with her publisher to discuss your writing in more detail.  In this section, she will explain the importance of a hybrid publisher and how you retain 100% of the royalties from your book, while assisting you to stand out in the market.  Author Ann Collins’ publisher has been in the business for over a decade and has serviced titans like Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Marci Shimoff and many other powerhouses of the book world.  This phase is absolutely UNLOCKING THE AUTHOR in YOU.  This module is exciting, empowering, uplifting and an introduction to a whole new world.


6 One on One Consultations with Author Ann!

Author Ann Collins’ Mission: 


“The Author, YOU, are here and now. Seize the Day. Carpe Diem.  The road to publishing with your Book Family is underway. Follow me… and I will take you into a vortex of like-minded authors.”


Full Price $960 USD