Transform Your World Through
the Power of Writing - Module 1

Free Writing Guide and 20-minute Consultation

In our 20-minute consultation you will receive:


  • A spot analysis of where you are on your writing journey.In this section, Author Ann Collins will discuss your journey with you, and give you some tips on how you should move forward. You will feel more empowered and absolutely have more clarity on the direction of your writing.
  • An overview of where Author Ann Collins sees you on your writing journey.

Some of the questions you might receive from Author Ann Collins are:


  • What is your purpose and WHY for writing?
  • Are you healing through the power of words?
  • Do you feel the need to tell your story with a support system behind you every step of the way?
  • Grab the opportunity for Author Ann Collins to review a short section of your writing.

Author Ann Collins will take a quick look at your writing and offer you some suggestions of what genre and what kind of audience you are appealing to.


Author Ann Collins’ Mission:


“Writing expands your thinking and feeling. Understand how powerful you are! And never forget to write for the feeling you encompass when you are able to release and love yourself.”



3 Steps to Healing!

  1. Writing is very powerful.
  2. YOU will have my attention and guidance.
  3. YOU will feel better & know your next step!

Introductory Price: Free

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