Solutions Over Sides empowers girls and women in difficult and desperate times. The wisdoms and exercises listed in this book will empower you to overcome and lead you throughout your entire life. This book includes my story of having an abortion, rape, drug use and depression. It also includes other’s stories of adoption, domestic violence, save my baby, no place to go, and more. Life has its struggles, but stories like these, can bring you to your knees in desperation.

Are you going through this now?


Did you go through this in the past and still need help?


Are you a mom or grandma that wants to teach your girls these wisdoms now?




Take the risk and get out and do what YOU really want to do. You can receive your free writing guide with any purchase of this book, online courses or workshops. Ann actually has a thought process, a trained mind set she works through to get on the right page whether it’s writing, self-motivation, and especially “right” thinking. It takes time and practice. It is not only a thought process, but also an organized writing process. It is important to recognize your wins. This process will help you find even the small wins in every part of your life.


About Ann Payton

Ann has six adult children, Samantha, James, Jonathan, Dawn, Megan, Curtis, and 7 grandchildren. They bring joy to her life. She was born in Akron Ohio, she has moved many times across North America. She lives with her husband Berry in Bloomington Indiana.

Ann is an author of two Best Sellers; Hope Loss enCourage and Solutions Over Sides. Ann loves to help people through her stories and wisdom she learned along her journey. She wants to help people right where they are, at that moment of making hard decisions. Ann believes writing can help people heal their mind and heart. She developed a writing course called Beyond The Words to help others get started. Ann enjoys writing, yoga, walking, reading, and spending time with her husband Berry going hiking, boating, and watching movies.