Enjoy the ride!

The POWER of an hour! Whenever I started a new job or new business or new experience, or even cleaned the house; there was some part of the process that was just “no fun”, but had to do  to succeed. I had to read and study a specific process before I made the presentation to the group. I had to make calls to generate more business, or fundraise for a non-profit. Kind of like putting clothes in the washer and dryer, it makes me feel good, I am cleaning up the dirty clothes pile, I can check that off my list, YES! BUT I do not like to fold laundry, or put it away. To me that is the “not so fun” part of the process. I usually leave that part until the end of the day or maybe the next day or week, do you? I had to get some of the “not so fun” tasks complete to continue on. I am pretty sure I can do something for an hour, so that is where I started. If I had to make calls, I timed myself and kept calling for an hour. If I had to study, I timed myself for an hour. I am glad that my workout class is only 45 minutes! haha.

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